Building of high security prison

Place: Podujevo
Name of the contracting authority:
This institution was built from EU donations
UNOPS- United Nations Office for Project Services was implementative.
The total value of the project:
10.1 Milion Euro
Number of staff engaged for this project:
For the execution and completion of all works for this project
approximately 200 people were engaged.
Start of Project / End of Project:
June 2011/ December 2012
Project Description:
The high security prison is located in the village of Gërdoc-Podujevo, in
the 25th kilometer of the Pristina-Podujevo highway. The classification
of construction of this facility belonged to Category A, which included
housing for over 300 prisoners in prisons that are in line with
international standards, to prevent escape, and to facilitate the work of
correctional personnel. The outer part of the prison is comprised by
administrative building, while the inner part consists of residential
buildings for prisoners and other auxiliary facilities, there is also an
ambulance in the High Security Prison where primary medical services
can be performed. Also in the High Security Prison are included: sports
fields, recreation halls, fitness room and library.