Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo

Name of the contracting authority:
Ministry of Public Administration
The total value of the project:
5,997,272.40 €
Number of staff engaged for this project:
For the execution and completion of all works for this project
approximately 120 people were engaged.
Start of Project / End of Project:
Project Description:
This facility is located in the center of Prishtina, near the Faculty
of Architecture and Economy. The total surface was about 4000
m2 while the size of the basement slab was 960 m2. The main
challenge for building this facility was due to its modern
architecture and the use of modern materials, such as the
ventilated facade, the roof was structured steel covered with lead
sheets. The interior office division is made of aluminum-framed
glass while the floors are covered with granite tiles and carpet.
The other challenge in this building was due to the complexity of
the heating system and electrical installations.