Bau Market continues professional sales training for its staff

Bau Market continues professional sales training for its staff

The second module, out of a total of 18 modules, continues in the vocational training “The Basics of Success in Sales”, which is the first of its kind in Kosovo.

This training aims at the methodical preparation of sales staff, starting from the basic sales principles to the most advanced strategies and techniques, developed by international eminent experts in this field and proven in all forms of sales. The training, led by Masar Pllana, is organized by the company AFAM Group and aims at the professional advancement of Bau Market staff.

Through such training, Bau Market aims to make a significant impact on the concept of sales by staff, bring results to the professional success of the staff and, consequently, affect the economy of the companies where they work.

Along with the educational value in the sales pitch, with this preparation the company also benefits greatly in increasing the quality of customer care, especially when considering the emphasis on social responsibility as a sales component.

It is currently one of the leading construction and trade company of construction materials known for its high quality professional services